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Life is a series of paths, each one leads to a new route. For us, our paths crossed a little over three years ago and it was clear that we were both on the road to discovering a path less trodden. We both struggled with the pressures of modern society, with the social norms in our community, the monotonous 60-hour working week, mortgages & bills, living for the weekend or hanging for that next two-week holiday break. This life was no longer for us, we wanted to create a life that we didn’t need to escape from.

So we rented out our house, sold all our unnecessary belongings, designed a way a make a living online to cover our basic needs and waved goodbye to our families and friends. And just hopped on our bikes and started peddling.

Our plan was simple, to peddle wherever our heart takes us. To make every moment count, by experiencing new cultures, diverse environments and creating new adventures together every day. When we travel it is the simple things in life that give us the most joy and this will never change. A lifestyle where our only concern is putting some food in our bellies and a place to rest our heads each evening. It is this uncomplicated natural existence that makes us strive to keep pushing those peddles.

We started this website to bring you along for the ride, to share the ups and the downs, and perhaps to inspire that little bit of extraordinary in your daily life too.

Kyle & Hayley Xx


Photo of Kyle and Hayley about Two Wander Yonder

Photo of Kyle and Hayley


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